Constellations of Western Refractoria (2011)

Vehement (the Parasitic Crab) and King Ixat

The Unfuckable Pixie


The Donkeymeiers

The Mediocre Express


The Trilobites (Phacops & Asaphus)

Bigavi the Imperial Measurer

Nessus the Centaur

Dreamy Megan and the Amethyst Pigeons

Chas the Pleasureless Father

Blackstar (John)

The Priapate (Henry Miller)

The Brachiopods (Meristina, Eospirifer, and Pentamerus)

The Placoderm

The Beholder

Salamadra the Harpy

Taurimur the Boar

The Titanothere

Boss of the Red Soil Boys

Ornella Muti

The Sedentary Twins


Bal-Mogoral the Carnivorous Ape