Tom Sanford, 100 Little Deaths, and Four Sphinxes of Fathers Breath
December 03, 2012 by Jeffrey Beebe

Tom Sanford invited me to participate in a group show called 100 Little Deaths at BravinLee Programs at the end of December.  The theme of the show deals with the notable people (however you'd care to define notable) who died during 2012. Tom was kind enough to provide a list of dead-os and I was able to suss out four "notables" that I wanted to include in the drawing I am specifically producing for this show. Each of these four--Ralph McQuarrie, Jean "Moebius" Giraud, Donald "Duck" Dunn and Maurice Sendak--has had a significant impact on me. McQuarrie through his conception illustrations of the first three Star Wars movies, Moebius for Arzach and Metal Hurlant, Donald "Duck" Dunn because if all of the badass music he help create (Otis Redding, Booker T and the MGs, etc.) and, finally, I grappled with Sendak when I was in undergrad, learning to draw and trying to figure out a way to work as an illustrator. (I never figured that out, obviously.)

I decided to make the fellows into beasts, sinister sphinxes in fact, chimerical creatures that live within the mysterious meteorological feature know as Father's Breath. (The Throat of the Patriarch is a long narrow canyon leading from the cold, uplands of the north to the warm, humid plains of the Coarselands; out of this canyon howls a cold, foggy, clammy wind--Father's Breath--which is rumored to be the cause of the discord and chaos of the Coarselands.)

Here is the info for the opening and the show dates.

Tom Sanford’s 100 Little Deaths
December 31-February 2
OPENING: New Years Eve, Monday december 31st from 6-8PM

BravinLee Programs
526 West 26th Street #211, New York, NY 10001
212 462 4404