Kingdom of Haluna
December 28, 2012 by Jeffrey Beebe
The exposure on BoingBoing last month (see here) brought me into contact with some great RPG designers and enthusiasts--Tony Dowler and Tavis Allison just to name two--I've been thinking more and more of my rich but mostly unfinished game world that I started almost 30 years ago. Last Friday,Tavis and I met at Congee Village last Friday and, over Tsing Taos and duck stew--we spoke about (among other things) old school games and his involvement  in James Maliszewskis Dwimmermount project. This open-ended discussion--as well as an invitation to create a few illustrations for Dwimmermount--got me motivated to flesh out and get on paper the Kingdom of Haluna, the central territory of my sandbox-style campaign. So that's what I've spent the last few days working on. I'm particularly proud of the League of the Pearl Halberd. I just like the name.