Refractorian Tarot (2013-2018)

Uncles Exterminated During The Tyrrany [sic] of Manifest Fairness (Or All Cuckolds Wear Horns), 2015

Red Soil Boys and the Defeat of the Uncles (2015-current)

The Coarselands

The Plateau of Burning Snow

The District Vermilion

Sagacity Calyxes of the Uncles

Fastness of the Red Soil Boys (2014-2016)

Battle of the Invoked Impossibility (or the Folie Deux) (2013-2014)

Map of the Refractorian Solar System (2014)

Portraits of Notable Refractorians (2010-2014)

Map of Western Refractoria (2010)

Global Cartograph of Refractoria (2014)

Common Flags, Standards and Badges of Western Refractoria (2010)

Map of Indianapolis, City of Impasses (2011)

Map of Chicago, City of Rilke (2011)

City of Sociopaths

Celestial Map of the Refractorean Northern Hemisphere (2011)

Constellations of Western Refractoria (2011)

The King of Smothered Rainbows (2012)

The Copper Palanquin (2010-2012)

Lost Caverns of the Queen of Ropes (2011)

Four Sphinxes of the Fathers Breath (2012)

Unfinished Drawings (2011-?)

The Pale Alphabet (2012)

The Ape Machine (2006-2008)

Sketches, One-Offs, etc.

Celestial Objects