If you'd like to check out a few reviews of my last show, THE BATTLE OF THE INVOKED IMPOSSIBILITY: Furthur Adventures in Refractoriahere are some links: a Wall Street Journal write up from Peter Plagens; John Haber from Haberarts.com, and the Sixty Hotels blog also climbed into the morass of Refractoria.

I'm in the studio working on a show here in NYC scheduled for Fall 2016. Follow me on Instagram (ugh, I know) if you'd like to see guaranteed daily updates* on drawings in progress. Link to IG below.

*Not a guarantee of daily updates.

Click here to see the newest drawing:
The Defeat of the Uncles No. 7: The Gaslighting Society—The Men Who Tried To Catch Uncle Margalicon (And Did)
(51" x 45", ink on paper)